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How To Find Truly Great Hotel Rates in New England

Our Thrifty New England Traveler cheapskate travel investigator, Eric, has discovered a great way to book affordable hotel accommodations in New England. The solution is by comparing rates amongst major travel sites with just one search…

You can start that cheap New England hotel booking process right here, state-by-state:

Connecticut Displaying hotels in more than 100 cities and towns

Maine Displaying hotels in 86 towns and cities

Massachusetts Displaying hotels in 171 towns and cities

New Hampshire Displaying hotels in 97 towns and cities

Rhode Island Displaying hotels in 27 towns and cities

Vermont Displaying hotels in 73 towns and cities

Tell us more, New England cheapskate travel investigator, about why you like hotel comparison booking OK, I’ll be glad to! First, we like the idea of booking online. Back in the day, we’d wait for the annual travel guide to be published — that is, of course, after walking backwards the proverbial 12 miles in the snow with one shoe on to the local book store. Of course, we were then told the that annual travel guide wouldn’t be out until the third month of that year! On the other hand, it sure is convenient browsing hotels on the Internet for our trip planning, as well as looking at hotel photos and reading reviews. The thing is, there are hundreds of these type of sites so we were looking for one that stood out. ¬†One such service is that shows all the major travel sites with one search. By comparing hotel rates, this keeps things more honest as we can definitely find the lowest price. Why go to one popular travel site in search of low hotel rates when you can see them all? We like, too, that the inventory of hotels in New England is the best we’ve seen — thousands of hotels across the hundreds of New England towns and cities.

Our initial mission here at the Thrifty New England Traveler was to share cheap travel ideas and resources — places we have experienced first hand and resources we would use ourselves. We like to think of ourselves as curators of the best in affordable New England travel and are very picky about who we affiliate with at our sites. So, we got in touch with in hopes of partnering with them. They accepted us as a business partner; we are grateful for this affiliation as it benefits you, the New England traveler.

We feel that using the hotel search through the Thrifty New England Traveler is a no brainer. The best hotel rates are displayed through the convenience of your computer or mobile device, simply by combining prices and availability through hotel booking sites you are familiar with — brilliant concept, indeed!

Image of Rhumb Line Resort, Kennebunkport, Maine

Rhumb Line Resort, Kennebunkport, Maine (photo by Eric)

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