This Waterfall in North Central Massachusetts Leads to a Special Place

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This scenic waterfall in north central Massachusetts holds some very dear memories.

As a child, I loved the constant rush of water with white splashes at the bottom exploding on the rocks  The smell of the waterfall was even better than that after a heavy rainstorm. The surrounding trees framed the pond and waterfall with pleasing colors, especially during the foliage season. Those wise old trees also offered a pleasing earthy aroma. I loved throwing bread to the ducks, but not too close to the edge of the waterfall if you know what I mean.

I could have spent all day at this magical place in the country, but something even better existed a few steps beyond the waterfall. It was a restaurant called The Old Mill (in Westminster) with the biggest Sunday brunch you could ever imagine!

The Old Mill restaurant in Westminster, Massachusetts
The Old Mill restaurant in Westminster, Mass.

Popovers, cornbread, roast beef and turkey carving stations, bacon, eggs and every pastry you could imagine could be found here. Waitresses dressed up in colonial apparel and made us feel at home with their collective pleasant old-fashioned demeanor. From the roaring fireplace in the winter to the breezy pondside ambiance in summer, the Old Mill became out closest restaurant friend.

The good news is that The Old Mill still exists today — known now as the 1761 Old Mill —  with the Sunday brunch as good as ever. I strongly recommend creating your own special family memories there for the Sunday brunch or daily lunch and dinner. Make sure to take in the scenic beauty of the waterfall for more than a few minutes. And, of course, don’t forget to feed the ducks!

The 1761 Old Mill is located at 69 State Rd. East in Westminster, MA. Tel.  978-874-5941

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