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New England Pubs - Virtual Tours


Click and drag your mouse within the image to take a Google Business Virtual Tour of The Shaskeen in Manchester NH on this page, or for the following New England pubs:

Ri Ra Irish Pub, Burlington VT
The Harp, Boston MA
The Green Briar, Brighton MA
Thirsty Scholar, Somerville MA
McKinnons Irish Pub, Hartford CT
(More pub tours coming soon!)

About The Shaskeen: 
named after the famous traditional Irish tune the Shaskeen reel, this traditional Irish pub is the creation of Tommy and Louise McCarthy who own the famous Burren Pub in Somerville MA and the nearly-as-famous Skellig Pub in Waltham MA. Bangers and mash, beer and cider battered fish and chips, Shepherd's pie, and leek and sausage pie are some of the specialties. You can also find nearly 20 beers on draught! The Shaskeen is located in the heart of downtown Manchester at 909 Elm St. Tel. (603) 625-0246.

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