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Double Rainbow at Willett Pond in Walpole, Mass.
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Double rainbow in Walpole MA
Double Rainbow at Willett Pond in Walpole MA (photo by Eric) 

Article and photo by Eric H.

I have seen quite a few good rainbows in New England through the years, but none quite as brilliant as the one spotted at Willett Pond in Walpole, Mass., on June 17, 2013.

It was actually a double rainbow and lasted longer than most -- about 45 minutes. Many people came out to take photos and sit by the scenic pond to admire this amazing scene. Some local fisherman focused more on the rainbow than their beloved recreational activity. Drivers stopped alongside the pond to take in this special early evening treat. You could see they were calling family and friends to alert them of this spectacular sight.

When the rainbow finally left, a new scene graced the pond that was most impressive on its own...

Willett Pond at night in Walpole MA

Isn't Mother Nature grand?

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