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Food and Dessert Photos from New England Restaurants
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Article and photos by Eric H.
Despite taking on a life of its own by food bloggers, I don't make a habit out of posting food photos -- especially the instant kind from table to social media or web site. With all due respect, I have more important things to do like give my undivided attention to others at the dining table. Occasionally, however, I'll take photos of food and desserts from restaurants in New England. Another reason I don't typically post food photos is that I have a knack of including someone's elbow or a used napkin in the photo (funny, I never have that issue when taking a picture of a mountain or lake). To keep it real and unpretentious, I've included a food photo in this article that includes someone's arm in the background!

Below are some photos I've taken over the past four years that I hope will whet your appetite!

Picture of lobster salad from the Maine Diner, Wells, Maine

Lobster salad from the Maine Diner in Wells, Maine

Image of chicken pie from Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield MA

Chicken pie from the Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, Mass.

Picture of fried seafood platter, Evelyn's Drive-in, Tiverton RI

Mouthwatering fried seafood platter, Evelyn's Drive-in, Tiverton, R.I.

Photo of ropast turkey dinner, Red Wing Diner , Walpole MA

Roast turkey dinner from the Red Wing Diner, Walpole, Mass.

Burger and fries from Walpole Tavern, Walpole NH

Burger and fries from the Walpole Tavern, Walpole, N.H.

Picture of omelet from 123 restaurant and Inn, York Beach, Maine

Tomato and herbs omelette with fresh fruit and homemade bread from The 123 Restaurant and Inn, York Beach, Maine 

Picture of hand-cut fried potato chips, Red Arrown Diner, Milford NH

Homemade fried potato chips from the Red Arrow Diner, Milford, N.H.

Image of lobster grilled cheese from the Sail Loft, Dartmouth MA
Lobster grilled cheese sandwich from the Sail Loft in Dartmouth, Mass.

Chocolate cake from Stoneforge Grill, Easton MA

Chocolate cake from Stoneforge Grill, Easton, Mass.

Blueberry muffin from Amber Road Cafe, Canton MA

Blueberry muffin, Amber Road Cafe, Canton, Mass.

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