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Google Virtual Tours for Cranston RI Businesses

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Hello Cranston business owners,

I recently drove through Cranston and was impressed by the number of small businesses located in your city. But Cranston, like many other towns, could gain better online visibility with their businesses. Having a Google Virtual tour done for your business could be a significant part of the solution.

VisitingNewEngland has recently formed an alliance with the Google contractor responsible for creating Google Virtual Tours in your area. The 360 degree interactive Virtual Tours are an extension of the popular Google Street Views technology, and bring potential customers into your business before they ever set foot in your store. This kind of "stickiness" -- people exploring your business online in which they control the tour -- is great for local businesses.

As a great example of a Cranston business utilizing Google Virtual Tours, please check out the Chapel Grill at the top of this page by placing your cursor on the photo and moving the arrows to start the tour.

Amazing isn't it? It's really a fantastic marketing tool as the Google Virtual Tours show on Google Maps, as a "See Inside" thumbnail in Google search results that lead to the tour on Google Maps, and can be placed on your web site and Facebook page.

The Virtual Tours are also quite affordable, often at a fraction of the cost of newspaper, radio and television ads.

Interested in a Google Virtual Tour for your own Cranston business? Sign up through VisitingNewEngland for more info, and I'll be in contact shortly with details on how your business can have its own Google Virtual Tour.

Eric, VisitingNewEngland editorBest regards,

Eric at VisitingNewEngland

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Editor's note: if you are not a business in Cranston, you can still sign up your business to receive more info. I'll be happy to help!

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