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Modern Pastry in Boston, Mass., Offers a Slice of Baked Goods Heaven
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Photo of Modern Pastry
There's no way to pass by Modern Pastry in the North End of Boston MA (photo by Eric H.)

Article and photos by Eric H.

No need for sweet talk here, Modern Pastry is the best bakery in Boston, Mass. -- and in all my New England travels.

Located in the famous North End Italian neighborhood, Modern Pastry has been around for more than 70 years and bases its product line on more than 150 years of "Old World" Italian recipes, as well as American classics. What that means to the customer is baked goods heaven, including truly mouthwatering cannolis (a specialty here), truffles, torrones, biscoti, chocolate ganache, macaroons, tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, homemade pies, and some of the most dense, moist, flavorful cakes you'll ever see and taste.

Modern Pastry doesn't just stop with the aforementioned items, there's so much more in this small, packed-to-the-gills unpretentious storefront. It's really hard to choose as the visual wonderland of authentic Italian sweets behind the counter and in glass display cases often leads to making hard decisions on what to order. Don't worry, though, you can't go wrong with anything at Modern Pastry. I've never had a bad baked good here and that's with 50-plus years of living in the Boston area.

While many famous Boston area Italian bakeries have retained high standards, none of them match the stay-true-to-your-roots presence of Modern Pastry. Most locals I've talked with that love local bakeries concur with that thought. While popular, Modern Pastry has not gone "Hollywood," or overly commercial. The old-fashioned bakery vibe remains and with a workman-like dedication to turning out lots of baked oods without compromising quality. You can tell Modern Pastry is all about the customer here and not the accolades. From the classic, old-time red and green sign out front to the selection of baked goods, Modern Pastry is the "real deal" that has withstood the test of time.

Now, that's a sweet success story!

Photo of baked goods at Modern Pastry in Boston MA

Cupcakes at Modern Pastry, Boston MA

Modern Pastry is located at 257 Hanover St., Boston MA. Tel. (617) 523-3783
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