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Eric Hurwitz, editor and publisher of Walpole's Common Ground

Eric Hurwitz, publisher and editor of Scenes of Walplole, Mass.

Scenes of Walpole, Mass. offers a glimpse into the scenic and classic New England side of “The Friendly Town” located only 18 miles from Boston.

Walpole offers an unique vibe for a Boston suburb. There are several ponds and lots of publicly-accessible open space (Bird Park, Town Forest Adams Farm, The Aggie School grounds), as well as a quaint, one-of-a-kind downtown that doesn’t look like any other area town center.

Ultimately, the 21-square miles of Walpole often reveal a beautiful town where people have come to lay down their roots.

I hope you enjoy the scenes of Walpole in my blog. Keep checking back in often as the site will be growing significantly in the near future!

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Editor's Pick to Click in Walpole: Destination Downtown is a community-led organization to steer the revitalization of downtown Walpole, Massachusetts. Come join us on this important journey to make downtown Walpole a true destination! Check for updates at the Destination Downtown Facebook Page.

Rossana Musto Gonser, real estate agent in Walpole, Mass.

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