Trifecta lunch at The Raven's Nest in Walpole, Mass.achusetts, consists of an eggplant sandwich salad and homemade soup.

My Favorite Lunch in Walpole, Mass.

If it came down to choosing one lunch in Walpole, Mass., I would opt for the Trifecta at The Raven’s Nest in downtown Walpole, Mass..

Consisting of a sandwich, homemade soup and a fresh mixed greens mixed salad, this lunch is not only delicious and substantial, but also a tremendous value at $9. Options for the sandwich include grilled cheese and eggplant. Both are terrific, but this writer prefers the eggplant which imparts a wonderful taste that has more in common with a North End Boston Italian restaurant. The hearty cream of mushroom soup stands out amongst the soups, although any of the soups of the day will more than suffice here.

Of course, The Raven’s Nest also wins points for its cozy Irish pub atmosphere with big windows overlooking the Walpole Town Common. The McAuliffes have done a service bringing The Raven’s Nest to Walpole — not only for the food, drink and atmosphere, but also as an attractive-looking downtown business that reaches out to the community in many ways.

For a small town Walpole, Mass., comes up big with many good-to-outstanding places to eat. Nice that The Raven’s Nest is such an integral part of that mix!

What’s your favorite lunch in Walpole? Please comment below.

The Raven’s Nest is located at 998 Main St., Walpole MA. Tel. (508) 734-9377 . Read more about The Raven’s Nest right here at VisitingNewEngland.

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Editor's Pick to Click in Walpole: Destination Downtown is a community-led organization to steer the revitalization of downtown Walpole, Massachusetts. Come join us on this important journey to make downtown Walpole a true destination! Check for updates at the Destination Downtown Facebook Page.

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