Rural North Street in Walpole, Massachusetts -- only 18 miles from Boston.

Scenic North Street in Walpole, Mass.

Scenic North Street in Walpole, Mass., goes against the suburban grain. Most of the main roads within 20 miles of Boston consist of densely populated neighborhoods, strip malls and building after building. Not North Street!

Turning onto North Street from Route 109 in Westwood and past the beloved Bubbling Brook Ice Cream Stand reveals something that looks more like a picturesque rural Vermont scene (without the mountains, though). A seemingly endless rolling field and white fence change the typical suburban landscape in a hurry. The scene almost forces one to relax, like the feeling one gets while on vacation. Some people living in Walpole have said that seeing that big farm field influenced their decision in moving to, and laying down roots in Walpole. Scenic North Street is a real drawing card to this unpretentious, friendly town.

The rest of North Street isn’t too shabby, either. Big old homes, horse farms, glimpses of beautiful Willett Pond and Adams Farm (360 beautiful acres for walking, hiking, mountain biking, etc.,) ultimately make for one of the most scenic roads in eastern Massachusetts.

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Editor's Pick to Click in Walpole: Destination Downtown is a community-led organization to steer the revitalization of downtown Walpole, Massachusetts. Come join us on this important journey to make downtown Walpole a true destination! Check for updates at the Destination Downtown Facebook Page.

Rossana Musto Gonser, real estate agent in Walpole, Mass.

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