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Dramatic Sunset at Willett Pond in Walpole, Mass.

There’s never a shortage of dramatic sunsets at Willett Pond in Walpole, Mass. The reds, yellows, oranges, blues — depending upon the evening and the mix of sun and clouds — never fail to amaze me. I have probably taken hundreds of photos here although that has been somewhat dampened by someone recently placing large rocks in front of the…

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Rural North Street in Walpole, Massachusetts -- only 18 miles from Boston.

Scenic North Street in Walpole, Mass.

Scenic North Street in Walpole, Mass., goes against the suburban grain. Most of the main roads within 20 miles of Boston consist of densely populated neighborhoods, strip malls and building after building. Not North Street! Turning onto North Street from Route 109 in Westwood and past the beloved Bubbling Brook Ice Cream Stand reveals something that looks more like a…

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Fall colors at the Norfolk Aggie School in Walpole, Massachusetts.

Walpole Photo of the Week: Fall Colors at the Aggie School

Contrary to popular belief, New England fall colors don’t just exist in vacation areas. Look out your backdoor, in the town center, at the local park, and on tree-lined residential streets. The fall colors start to burst with brilliancy at this time of the year. On Route 1A at the Norfolk County Agricultural School in Walpole, Mass.,, two trees traditionally…

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Maple bacon doughnut from Country Kitchen Donuts in Walpole, MA

Maple Bacon Doughnuts at Country Kitchen Donuts in Walpole, Mass.

Country Kitchen Donuts in Walpole, Mass., recently introduced maple bacon doughnuts to its fall menu. Topped with a high quality bacon and saturated with a creamy maple glaze, this doughnut begs repeated tastes. It’s simply mouthwatering. Thanks to Jamie Rea, at Country Kitchen Donuts, for recommending this delicious doughnut. It’s much better than the Boston area “gourmet” doughnut shop versions…

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Sunset at Willett Pond in Walpole, MA.

Nice Ending to a Stormy Day in Walpole, Mass.

The torrential rains that saturated Walpole, Mass., yesterday gave way to some breaks in the clouds and, yet, another spectacular sunset at Willett Pond. Last night’s scenic flavor of the day at Willett Pond in North Walpole featured deep orange colors in the sky and pond juxtaposed with a disant yellow horizon and ominous gray clouds.¬† Isn’t Mother Nature grand…

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Sunset at Willow Pond in Walpole, Mass.

My Favorite Roads Leading Into Walpole

Ever turn a corner and end up in a place that feels like home? Maybe it’s the scenery, a quaint downtown or leafy neighborhood that lends that special feeling. My favorite roads leading into Walpole reside in North Walpole: North St. near the Westwood line and Bullard St. on the Norwood border. The long, white country fence and rolling open…

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