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Milk Bottle Restaurant in Raynham, Mass., Features Unusual Look and Cheap Eats

Picture of Milk Bottle Restaurant, Raynham, Mass.

Milk Bottle Restaurant, Raynham, Mass. (photo by Eric)

For those that have always wanted to dine under a gigantic Milk Bottle, the Milk Bottle Restaurant in Raynham, Mass., is your place.

One of New England’s most unusual-looking restaurant destinations, you’ll have no problem finding the Milk Bottle restaurant on Route 138 north: the towering milk bottle structure is the giveaway here!

Inside the Milk Bottle is a pleasant, typical-looking diner-type restaurant with counter, booths and tables. Cheap, filling and very good breakfast and lunch items and some of the friendliest restaurant service we’ve come across in years make the Milk Bottle a recommended comfort food stop in southeastern Massachusetts —  about five minutes from Taunton and a half hour to New Bedford. We especially like the chocolate chip pancakes, waffles, burger, tuna melt and thick and creamy ice cream  (no surprise, given the dairy theme)!

Milk Bottle Restaurant
785 Broadway (Route 138)
Raynham, MA
Tel. (508) 822-6833

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