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Chutters in Littleton, N.H., Features the Longest Candy Counter in the World

If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to check out Chutters in Littleton, N.H. The Guinness World Records reports Chutters has the longest candy counter in the world at 111 ft., 11 inches! Here’s a “sample”:

Picture of Chutters Candy Counter

The candy counter at Chutters, Littleton, N.H. (photo by Eric)

The variety of sours and gummies, jellybeans, candy bars and bits, chocolates and caramels, as well as homemade fudge and truffles is simply astounding. Spanning the entire length of the store and with a retro look (the store dates back to the 1800s), Chutters not only sells the popular candies of today, but also many “nostalgic” sweets that you never thought you’d find again. Some examples: Mary Janes, Chuckles, Mint Julep, Red Hot Fireballs, Boston Baked Beans, Bit-O-Honey, Rock Candy, Mike & Ike, Candy Necklaces, Peanut Butter Logs, Oh Henry!, Albert’s Ice Cubes, and Squirrel Nut Zippers.

You could spend a fortune at this warm and inviting candy store, but we were quite satisfied, for many days, with $12 worth of sweets, thus making Chutters a natural for inclusion in the Thrifty New England Traveler blog!

We have always regarded New England as a sweet place, but this takes the meaning to a whole new level. Candy store lovers, rejoice!

43 Main St.
Littleton, N.H.
Tel. (603) 444-5787

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Chutters in Littleton NH features the longest candy counter in the world at nearly 112 ft. long.

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