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The Free Minuteman Bikeway For A “Wheel” Good Time

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The historic Lexington Battle Green serves as one of many attractions, right off the Minuteman Bikeway (photo by Eric H.)

Are you looking for a place to safely ride bikes in the Boston, Mass., area?  If so, our Thrifty New England Traveler “spokesperson” (sorry for the bad bike pun) says that the free, 11-mile Minuteman Bikeway offers a great stretch of mostly tree-lined “greenway,” for bikers as well as walkers, joggers and inline skaters.

Visitors will be able to travel through public parks, wetlands and conservation areas in Bedford, Lexington, Arlington and Cambridge on this model “rails-to-trails” path. Some attractions include a ride by scenic Spy Pond in Arlington and the open spaces of the 183-acre Arlington Great Meadows. Along the way, be sure to stop in the downtown Lexington area — right off the bike trail — you can tour historic Revolutionary War landmarks like the Buckman Tavern, Monroe Tavern and Hancock-Clarke House, walk the Lexington Battle Green, and view the famous Lexington Minuteman statue. Lexington also offers a fine concentration of old colonial homes, a group of locally-owned shops, and many solid restaurants, including the Upper Crust (gourmet pizza, Bertucci’s, Via Lago, Yangtze River (Asian) and our old , dependable standby favorite, Mario’s (Italian). For some great homemade ice cream, try Rancatore’s at the corner of Massachusetts Ave. and Waltham, St.

The Bikeway’s railroad historic past on Loomis St. (where the paved trail ends) features a rail car that once operated on the branch and the charming Bedford Frieght House, where you can buy drinks and snacks. More trails connect with the Minuteman Bikeway, including the Narrow-Gauge Rail-Trail (largely unpaved; paved near the Loomis St. train depot area).

All in all, the Minuteman Bikeway serves as a healthy, scenic and affordable attraction — perfect for a day trip or when on vacation in the Boston to Lexington area!


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