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Fenway Park Tours is an All Star Boston Attraction

Fenway Park Green Monster (photo by Eric)

When it comes to Boston, Mass., travel attractions, the Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Tours hits it out of the park. Going on a Tour is almost as much fun as attending a game!

This highly entertaining, affordable one-hour tour, availabe year-round, takes you through all the nooks and crannies of historic, cozy, fabled Fenway Park, including Pesky’s Pole, the 37 ft.-plus Green Monster wall, the oldest seats in the ball park and the press box. Viewing the different perspectives of Fenway Park is worth the price of admission alone as every step of the way shows the front-to-back, side-to-side beauty of the ball park. Its current owners have maintained the park’s innate, intimate charm, while making enhancements to make each visit more enjoyable and comfortable. They don’t make them like this anymore!

Touring the park, I felt thankful that the Sox didn’t move to a newer location. Yes, up-to-date is always nice, but the fixer-upper with character and charm and a great renovation team ultimately feels like a better place to be for fans like us.

Many of the tour guides speak with Boston accents while giving tourists a highly entertaining and educational experience. The anecdotes are priceless, whether discussing Ted William’s longest home run shot, the weird ways of Manny Ramirez, the greatness of Yaz, or the one-of-a-kind personality of Bill Lee. The guides have their own Red Sox stories, while being quite receptive and interested in hearing tourists’ own experiences at Fenway. They also love answering questions, so don’t be afraid to ask!

We personally look forward to taking more Fenway Park tours to experience more of this great, American ball park. That might sound strange, as one would think that one tour is all you need but when baseball is built into your DNA, one visit is never enough.

While Fenway Park stands as the smallest Major League baseball park, the heart and soul of this Boston landmark comes up big. A Fenway Park tour is definitely a great starting point to experience the magic of this legendary baseball stadium.

Fenway Park Tour tickets are sold at the Boston Red Sox ticket office on Yawkey Way (and at the Team Store on Yawkey Way when the office is closed). I would recommend visiting the Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Tour page for more information, including seasonal hours, pricing and ticket availability.

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