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Enjoying Amazing Apple Cider at Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Waterbury, Vt.

Apple cider from Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, Vermont

Apple cider from Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, Vt. Photo source: Vermont Tourism Network at

It’s always nice to take a self-guided free tour of the Cold Hollow Cider Mill where you get to see the process of cider being pressed in the press viewing room. What’s more pressing for most, however, is purchasing and then immediately savoring this amazing-tasting cider. Honestly, and without any vested interest, I think it is the best apple cider on the planet. Add some equally tasty cider donuts (they make about 800 of them daily in the fall!) and you’ve got a fabulous Vermont food and drink experience that is hard to match.

Come September when cider is being pressed again, we highly recommend taking a tour of, and shopping, at this wonderful landmark in Waterbury, Vt., located close to beautiful Stowe. Made with a traditional rack and cloth press from the 1920s, this is some of the best fresh cider we have tasted in New England. It’s not just cider that makes the Cold Hollow Cider Mill special, however. In this vintage building, you’ll come across Vermont specialty foods (like maple and cheese products), pumpkin rolls, homemade fudge, an amazing homemade apple pie, baked goods, as well as a gift shop and a new luncheonette “with cold sandwiches, grilled paninis, wraps, salads, kid-friendly fare.” The overall focus is on Vermont foods, and it’s just great to see this “localvore” commitment to local sourcing.

You can also watch live bees make honey (behind the glass, of course!) in the “Honey Corner.” Talk about Sting in concert! Sorry for the bad pun, let’s move on.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside in the Green Mountains, you’ll feel like you’re officially in Vermont at this rustic trip-back-in-time mill — and your taste buds like they’re in culinary heaven. I have been coming here since being a kid and it never gets old. The whole experience is actually even better as the Mill keeps adding on great attractions and food without compromising the authentic feel of the place. What a great destination to be in the fall and beyond!

The Cold Hollow Cider Mill is located at 3600 Waterbury-Stowe Road (Route 100) in Waterbury, Vt. Tel. 1-800-327-7537

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