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Is There a Golden Corral Restaurant in New England?

Those Golden Corral restaurant television commercials featuring mouthwatering foods at the buffet line finally got to me last night, to the point in which I asked myself, “Are there any of these places in New England?”

Happily, the answer is “Yes!” There’s a Golden Corral at 436 Parker St. in Springfield, Mass. We don’t live close to Springfield, but when in the area we’ll be sure to stop by for some mac and cheese, meatloaf and the Chocolate Wonderfall (picture to the left, a multi-tiered chocolate flowing fountain surrounded by a variety of fresh fruit and baked goods) — and then proceed to eat a low caloric diet for the next three years.

Golden Corral is also a restaurant chain perfect for budget travel savvy people looking for cheap eats dining. You really get a lot of food for the money!

After seeing so many Golden Corrals down south, its nice to know that there’s one in our region — no need anymore to just rely on a television commercial to get that mouthwatering feeling!

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