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Rhode Island Bikeways

Rhode Island's East Bay Bike Path spans from Bristol to Providence

East Bay Bike Path (photo by Eric)

From the Visit Rhode Island Press Room

Because of its compact size, biking is a natural for the Ocean State. Bike paths and trails stretch through miles of scenic landscape with panoramic views of historic harbors, to Narragansett Bay, along the historic Blackstone River and abundant protected nature preserves of Block Island . Beyond Rhode Island ‘s natural pathways the State’s Department of Transportation has led the charge in converting former rail lines into popular recreational trails in collaboration with the East Coast Greenways program. Extensive paved pathways traverse North to South, East to West and offer a two-wheel adventure just a peddle away. For more information regarding cycling in the Ocean State see,

Blackstone River Bikeway
East Bay Bike Path
Fred Lippitt Woonasquatucket River Greenway
Quonset Bike Path
South County Bike Path
Ten Mile River Greenway
Warren Bike Path
Washington Secondary Bike Path

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