Woodstock Inn and Resort, Woodstock,VT

The Vermont Inn That Brings You Into Quintessential New England

Many consider Woodstock, Vt., to be the best example of a quintessential small New England town.

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I could have cared less about that on a clear, sunny afternoon in Woodstock. I just had to use a bathroom and find one quick.

With no Shell Stations or Cumberland Farms in sight, the only hope looked like finding relief in the upscale Woodstock Inn & Resort. Briskly walking past the big, stately green lawn, through the grand front porch, and opulent marble-based lobby, the prospects looked good to find a restroom. Thankfully, no one working there said those familiar, most discouraging words: “Sorry, the restroom is for customers only.”

Grand lobby at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, Woodstock, VT
Grand lobby at the Woodstock Inn & Resort, Woodstock, Vt.

After this stressful five minute event of the day (OK, it was actually 30), thoughts of Woodstock being that picturesque Vermont small town suddenly took center stage. It’s amazing what a little focus can do.

The Woodstock Inn seemed like a good place to experience that feeling. Various historic details from its 1793 tavern template combine with modern world architecture and amenities (with spa, golf course pool and upscale dining). And, that front porch and big lawn evoke a quieter world-gone-by era. What an idyllic setting to spend lots of time relaxing and slowing the pace (picture at the top of this page).

A covered bridge resides across the street, further lending Vermont authenticity.

Leaving the Woodstock Inn with an empty bladder and full faith that classic New England lives in this small Vermont town, we briefly experienced the quaint toy village-like charm in downtown Woodstock. The Gillingham General Store, an old time pharmacy, other mom and pop shops, restaurants and cafes (some with outdoor seating), boutiques and art galleries begged for a return visit. What a beautiful town!

Charming, quaint downtown Woodstock, VT
Charming, quaint downtown Woodstock, Vt.
The Gillingham General Store in Woodstock, VT.
The Gillingham General Store in Woodstock, Vt.

We had to leave for nearby Hanover, N.H., to meet a previous commitment. Woodstock and its stately inn, however, begged for a return visit. That we will, no doubt!

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