Hapgood Pond in Peru, Vermont, on a foggy morning.
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Hapgood Pond in Peru, Vt., Reflects the Simple Things in Life

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Fog rolled out across Hapgood Pond in Peru, Vt., on a late August morning and paved the way to see things more clearly.

Mother Nature took the star role to remind us that the many moods of our land and water define civilization. How many times have you heard the phrase “Well, time to return to civilization” after a vacation? Seems like the real civilization resides right here in natural surroundings.

From a tourist’s perspective, Hapgood Pond Campground features a scenic pond for kayaking, fishing, swimming and hiking (including part of the Appalachian Trail).

An inviting scene at Hapgood Pond in Peru, Vermont.
An inviting scene at Hapgood Pond in Peru, Vt.

Sure, more spectacular sections of the Green Mountain National Forest exist, but that doesn’t mean they are better. Sometimes all you need is simplicity without the scenic drama. A nice pond, forest, peace and quiet and fresh air more than suffice.

Visitors seem friendly and respectful of the land here as opposed to the harried tourists elsewhere. For you winter fans, this area also features three alpine ski areas, seven Nordic ski areas and approximately 900 miles of multiple-use trails at Bromley Mountain!

If you do want a more lively travel destination, however, Manchester, Vt. is about 15 miles away. There, you can shop the outlets, stay at a luxury resort and find myriad dining options for every taste. It’s a beautiful town and a nice contrast to the beauty and solitude of Hapgood.

I’ll take Hapgood any day, though, as an escape over the proverbial rate race and any other acts of unnatural, modern day life. Whether a camping destination, a place to enjoy a picnic or the other mentioned recreational opportunities, Hapgood returns one to the real world. How nice it is to see fog instead of being in one!

Log onto the Hapgood State Forest web site for more info on camping and this beautiful area, in general

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