Chocolate Whoopie Pie from Wicked Whoopies in Gardiner, Maine

Chocolate Whoopie Pie from Wicked Whoopies in Freeport, Maine.

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The Chocolate Whoopie Pie from Wicked Whoopies, of Gardiner, Maine, offers a solution for all of us chocolate lovers: Make a whoopie pie that is entirely chocolate.

This mouthwatering Chocolate Whoopie Pie not only features chocolate cake but also chocolate filling. It’s absolutely delicious and my personal all-time favorite Wicked Whoopie Pie. How can you go wrong with all chocolate?

Additionally, the Chocolate Whoopie Pie has great versatility tasting equally fine at either room temperature or as a frozen treat.

Childhood memories of the classic whoopie pie are nice, but even nicer is taking it to the next level with an all chocolate version.

This would make a sweet Christmas gift, no doubt! If that sounds like a good idea, you can buy Wicked Whoopie Chocolate Whoopie Pies right here.

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