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Nubble Lighthouse at Early Evening in Cape Neddick, Maine

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Image of Nubble Lighthouse in the early evening
A peaceful scene at Nubble Lighthouse (photo by Eric)

If you love lighthouses, the rocky coast of Maine and the peaceful feeling of early evening, then we recommend checking out Nubble Lighthouse at Sohier Park in Cape Neddick, Maine. It’s also free to visit!

Of course, visiting Nubble Lighthouse any time of the day is a wonderful experience, but something just feels extra special watching the sun go down and the moon taking over at this famous lighthouse. After a day of summer fun in York Beach, the waves here gently lull you into relaxation and the views of one of New England’s most famous lighthouses are simply stunning. To add to the grand experience here, the sky here seems to take on a different dramatic color every day. Whether sitting on a bench, taking an evening stroll or carefully navigating the rocky formations, you’ll experience amazing coastal Maine scenery from every perspective. Just be sure to choose a nice weather day to potentiate this experience.

It’s really a great place as part of a “date night,” for families looking for a more quiet travel

Image of Sundown at Nubble light, Sohier Park, Cape Neddick, Maine
Beautiful evening by the ocean at Sohier Park (photo by Eric)

attraction, or anyone else that appreciates natural settings in New England. After leaving Nubble Lighthouse in the evening, you just might say to yourself an old cliche that possesses true validity: “If I could only bottle this and take it home…”

Magic place, indeed, that Nubble Lighthouse!

For more information, visit our Nubble Lighthouse photo travel essay page. We also recommend reading the “Ten Reasons to Visit York Beach, Maine,” to maximize your summer travel fun in this area.
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