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Lobster Hut at Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth, Mass., Offers Affordable Waterfront Seafood Dining

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Photo of lobster roll from the Lobster roll from Lobster Hut in Plymouth MA
Lobster Hut lobster roll (photo by Eric)

Plymouth doesn’t always rock with affordable seafood restaurants (sorry for the Pilgrim pun there), so it can take a little searching in this famous Massachusetts travel destination to find the place that best fits your budget.

After coming across a few restaurants there that seemed more touristy — with prices to match — we came across the no frills, order-at-the-counter Lobster Hut, and were immediately impressed by some of its seafood deals, as well as the waterfront location. While the service was a little brusque, our meals came out without delay at this very busy restaurant.

I ordered a lobster roll for $17.95. That might not seem like a great bargain, but consider that this “special” had pretty much twice the amount of lobster meat that you would normally find at many other local seafood restaurants. If that price is still is too high for you, a regular lobster roll comes in at $10.25. We also saw sole and salmon specials for under $12.00 while the regular menu revealed seafood plates like broiled haddock for $12.95, lemon pepper scrod for $9.95 and broiled swordfish for $11.95 — all including French fries or rice pilaf and home style cole slaw. The twin lobster special came in at just under $38 (looked like ┬ápound-and-half lobsters) and seemed filled with more meat than other lobsters we’ve tried in our experiences through the years. Maybe it was just luck that it there seemed to be more lobster, but this surplus just further confirmed our affinity for the Lobster Hut. The New England clam chowder we tried was also nearly perfect — full of clams with a tasty, thick cream base.

The Lobster Hut also specializes in fried seafood plates, including a “Fisherman’s Platter for Two” with fried clams, haddock, scallops and shrimp for $23.95.

A wonderful bonus at the Lobster Hut is the outdoor seating overlooking colorful

Picture of Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth MA
View of Plymouth Harbor from The Lobster Hut outdoor dining area (photo by Eric)

Plymouth Harbor with its boats, dock and scenic panoramic views. This waterfront scene certainly made the overall dining experience that much nicer, although the food alone was worth the price of admission. If outdoor dining isn’t your preference, the cafeteria-like dining rooms are clean, sunny and also afford views of the water.

We’ll be back for lunch or dinner! Plymouth has always been a favorite of ours with its Pilgrim culture, appealing Main Street USA look, and the ever emerging waterfront with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, galleries and gift shops. The 11-acre Pilgrim Memorial State Park here features beautiful harbor views and famous attractions like Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II — a replica of the ship that brought the Pilgrims here to America.

Nice to know we have found a restaurant like the Lobster Hut located within the heart of Plymouth that won’t break the bank while serving excellent seafood.

The Lobster Hut has been around 40 years, and now we know why. Glad we “landed” here!

Lobster Hut
25 Town Wharf
Plymouth, MA
Tel. (508) 746-2270

Editor’s note: the prices mentioned in this article are subject to change and are based on what we read on the menus on July 6, 2011


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