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Cheap New England Travel Spots Featured on Our Pinterest Visual Board

We recently created an Affordable New England Travel destinations section at Pinterest, and have done so with great excitement.

What is Pinterest? Well, it’s like a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and post the things that interest you most by uploading photos on that particular subject. For us, of course, that’s finding the best of affordable New England travel spots. We find it’s a fantastic way to share the wonders of New England travel through a visually-based social networking medium.

We actually have many other New England and travel-related boards on Pinterest. Fell free to browse those, too, but for cheap travel destinations, you’ll be looking for the “Affordable Travel” board. Please check back in often as we will be updating frequently. Pinterest is so fun to use that you can be sure that we’ll be adding on a regular basis!

Additionally, if you’d like to contribute to this board, request a free Pinterest account (free, we like that!) and, if invited, send us your name. We’ll add you to that board and you can start contributing, as long as it sticks to the affordable New England travel ideas theme.

Pinterest is really an amazing social networking concept and one that gets you thinking, “Why didn’t I come up with that idea?” We are such an visually-based society that this idea seems like a perfect match for social media. The proof: CNET News recently reported that the site received 11 million hits for the week ending Dec. 17, 2011. That’s very impressive, but what is more stunning is the December traffic is 40 times the number of visitors this visual social media site had six months earlier during a single week, according to the CNET article!

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