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A Sweet Story at The Sweeterie Ice Cream Shop in Norwood, Mass. (Business Closed)

In step with our cheap travel theme, let’s first start off by saying that the Sweeterie ice cream shop in Norwood, Mass., is one of the few places in the Boston area that makes its own ice cream — and at an affordable price.

You’d be surprised how many of those “homemade” ice cream spots actually have their ice cream shipped in by factory or some other remote facility. So, at $2.75 for a small (that’s actually a very generous portion), the price for a rich, incredibly tasty ice cream rich in butterfat content is well worth it for you ice cream fans. You can really taste the difference. Some recommended flavors: German chocolate, chocolate banana, pumpkin, black raspberry and peanut butter fudge. We haven’t tried them yet, but the sundaes look like mini masterpieces! The Sweeterie also has an impressive array of mix-ins, as well as ice cream cakes and pies well as a cookies.

Yesterday, we found our experience at the Sweeterie that much sweeter, thanks to the generosity of some truly decent, kind people. There was a big group in front of us, so we had to wait quite some time. No big deal at all, but someone in that group left money with the counter employee to cover our ice creams. We politely protested, saying we couldn’t take the money, but they insisted. I told one of the people in the group that patience is fundamental, that it’s nothing remarkable because it should be part of everyone’s everyday make-up. He said matter-of-factly, “Well, it isn’t and that’s why we appreciate your patience.”

Amazing people, not untypical for Norwood — so many big-hearted people in this close-knit town. When given the money by the staff employee, he said, “Well, that’s Norwood for you — generous people here.” Hope to run into these special people again, so we can return the act of kindness. By the way, the $10 left over we gave to the employee and wished him a Happy New Year! His gratitude was off the charts.

What a nice way to start off the New Year, experiencing an act of generosity from some truly authentic people. It might sound like a cliche, but we don’t see too much of that giving spirit anymore in this fast-paced, me-first world. What a nice respite from, say, getting tailgated or cut off in traffic on pretty much a daily basis.

When one does see the experience the act of giving first-hand, the feeling is amazing. Happy New Year!

The Sweeterie
686 Washington St.
Norwood MA
Tel. (781) 255-7797

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