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Make No “MooseStake” About It, Spring Is Here In Maine!

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May and June are prime months to spot Maine moose with their young. Maine's current moose population is about 29,000. Credit: Maine Office of Tourism.

The Office of Maine Tourism ( just sent us some excellent

information on the best ways to spot a moose in Maine during the spring — generally, the best time to view this rather large animal.

Approximately 29,000 moose live in Maine, according to the state Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, with May and June being the best times to spot moose feeding at lakes or ponds with their young and browsing at roadsides.

Here are some tips for safely and successfully viewing Maine moose:

  • Moose prefer to feed at dawn and dusk. They spend the warmest part the day in the woods.
  • Pull your car onto the road shoulder and stop if you spot a moose while driving. Watch from a distance as an adult moose may have young calves close by that cannot be seen.
  • Signs that a moose is not happy about the presence of humans: laid back ears or standing hairs on its hump at the shoulders.
  • Ask a local where the moose are. Innkeepers, store clerks and visitors center volunteers can point you in the right direction.
  • Go with a guide. Registered Maine Guides offer  moose watching trips in many parts of the state. See moose by land or water, and away from other seekers.
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