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Panera Cares in Boston Operates on Your Ability to Pay

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Panera Cares certainly does.

Recently opened at 3 Center Plaza in Boston, Mass., Panera Cares operates on a customer’s ability to pay for a meal regardless of their means. With no cash registers or suggested prices for a meal, this novel, meaningful and timely business model truly gives diners a chance to eat a meal out — something that is more challenging for so many affected by the tough economy. Panera Cares is more than a place to dine out, however, by addressing the growing number of people that are finding it hard to put food on their tables.

Funded by the well-known Panera restaurant chain for the not-for-profit Panera Bread Foundation, the fate of this community cafe concept rests on customers being able to cover direct operating costs — with a chance for this business model to succeed even better if those that can afford to pay for a meal can help cover for those that can’t.

Panera Cares is a brilliant concept, and one we greatly admire. At this writing, Panera Cares is located in five cities in the U.S., including Boston. Our hope is that Panera Cares expands to more cities and that other restaurant chains can adopt a similar business model. If Panera can do it, so can others!

Panera is certainly a successful company that is “rolling in the dough” — no pun intended — and has decided to pass their good fortune along to its most important entity: the customer. Bravo!

You can learn more about this wonderful business incentive by logging onto the Panera Cares web site.

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