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Chic 2 Charity Brings Affordable Clothes Shopping to New Level

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Chic 2 Charity in Stoughton, Mass. (photo by Eric)
Chic 2 Charity in Stoughton, Mass. (photo by Eric)

Before trekking to Chic 2 Charity in Stoughton, Mass., I thought this would be just another uninspired cookie- cutter discount clothing store that really didn’t offer true discount prices.

I also expected the all-too-familiar chain clothing store staff that we have all come to know and love with employees that sulk, dislike their jobs, strategically distance themselves from those needing assistance, and generally finding ways to not help the customer.

Nothing could be further from the truth at ¬†Chic 2 Charity. An offshoot of the popular Chic 2 Chic Consignment Boutique in Foxboro, Mass., Chic 2 Charity is a non profit selling clothing and accessories at ridiculously low prices. The staff we met is exceptionally kind, taking interest in the customers — from going great lengths to helping the indecisive teen to sincerely wishing the best to an elderly lady with major health problems during our visit. Riding on the success of Chic 2 Chic Consignment Boutique, Chic 2 Chic Charity donates profits to various charities. It’s like a win-win situation for everyone.

Prepare yourself for this bit of groundbreaking retail clothing news to avoid a wardrobe malfunction: coats, blazers, dresses, two piece suits and handbags are $5 each; shoe, sneakers, boots and sandals ¬†$4 each; jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, activewear and tops $3 each; children’s clothing, costume jewelry and most earrings $2 each; and toddler and infant clothing, gloves, scarves, belts and wallets $1 each.

We saw many name brands and a quick browse of each department revealed the majority of clothing to be in excellent condition. For anyone that thinks this is just another thrift store, consider that the flagship Chic 2 Chic store is the largest consignment shop in New England and that Chic 2 Charity is not that much smaller. The stores have more of a sophisticated, nicely laid-out department store look (although on a smaller level) than one of those disorganized, unfinished warehouse settings or a cramped, dark thrift shop with the musty smell.

The Chic 2 Charity web site states that they have mens clothing, but, at this point, we saw only women and girls apparel. Perhaps that will change as time marches along. For the time being, Chic 2 Charity has already become a savior for women in these tough economic times as we noticed a significant amount of customers shopping during the stores’ infancy.

Chic 2 Charity certainly is a “good fit” for those looking to clothes shop on a budget!

Chic 2 Charity is located at 605 Washington St. (Route 138), in Stoughton, Mass., about a half hour south of Boston. Tel. (508) 344- 5222. Another Chic to Charity location is located at 165 Westgate Drive in Brockton, Mass. Tel. (508) 583-2239

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