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Exploring Two Amazing Adjacent Country Stores in Weston, Vt.

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Weston Village Store, Weston VT
Weston Village Store, Weston VT
Vermont Country Store
Vermont Country Store, Weston VT

Most Vermont downtown districts are so small that with a blink of the eyes, you might bypass that quaint, old-time country store that you’ve wanted to visit for such a long time. In the case of Weston, Vt., you might miss two of these stores.

The Vermont Country Store and Weston Village Store reside right across the street from each other in the heart of tiny, charming downtown Weston. While the stores overlap in merchandise, they posses slightly different personalities. Think of the Vermont Country Store as a must-see world-class, famous country store travel attraction and the Weston Village Store as more of a low-key neighborhood establishment that happens to possess significant tourist appeal.

The Vermont Country Store specializes in men’s and women’s clothing, furniture and furnishings, health and beauty items, toys, food and candy and hard-to-find, classic merchandise in one of New England’s largest country store settings. The Weston Village Store bridges a country store and general store with a deli section featuring homemade soups, sandwiches and salads, gifts and souvenirs, books, a Christmas shop, and a Cheese and Fudge Emporium. They also have a great selection of Vermont Maple Syrup at very affordable prices.

Fortunately, both stores have stayed true to their roots with down-to-earth, helpful owners and staff, frequent retail trips down memory lane through each and every isle and “nooks and crannies” rooms, and authentic small town rustic charm. They are both time-tested, too, with the Weston Village Store founded in 1891 and the Vermont Country Store in 1946.

Your budget travel ambitions don’t have to be shattered, either, as you’ll find many retail bargains under $20 and items like the aforementioned fudges, cheeses and maple syrups — although falling into the nonessential merchandise category — fitting into the travel budget quite nicely. For, you can read how I enjoyed a day trip in southern and central Vermont — including the Vermont Country Store on just $20.

Whether you want to spend a lot or stay on budget, Weston certainly doubles the fun when it comes to country stores!

The Vermont Country Store is located at 657 Main St.  Tel. (802) 824-3184. The Weston Village Store is located at 660 Main St. Tel. (802)  824-5477

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