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Saying “Neigh” To High Cost Tourist Attractions (CLOSED TO PUBLIC)

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Clydesdales horses at the Barry Family Farm, Lakeville, Mass. (photo by Eric H.) Click photo to enlarge.

Definitely call before embarking on this free travel attraction, but the Hallamore Clydesdale horses at Barry Family Farm in Lakeville, Mass., are a amazing sight to behold.

Up close, these horses look far more stunning than what we have seen on the old Budweiser television commercials and in other visual and written media. The horses weigh over a ton and look nothing like the relatively smaller horses that we ride at fairs and community days. These particular Clydesdale horses can also be seen at the Eastern States Exhibition (Big E) state fair that occurs annually every September in Springfield, Mass., as well as the Topsfield Fair, Topsfield, Mass. every October.

The farm land is beautiful with a gazebo and wide, open spaces!

Admission is free. Please call (508) 946-3496 to arrange a visit to this southern Massachusetts farm at 138 Bedford St. (Route 18) in Lakeville. Group tours are available, also, with advance notice.

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