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Finding the Perfect Jordan Marsh Style Blueberry Muffin in Medway, Mass.

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Blueberry muffin from the Muffin House in Medway MA
Jordan Marsh style blueberry muffin from the Muffin House in Medway, Mass. (photo by Eric)

I think deep down inside most people had an underlying reason to shop at the former Jordan Marsh department stores around New England, and that was for the legendary Jordan Marsh blueberry muffin.

As a child, I couldn’t wait to bypass the Clinique saleswomen in their white lab coats near the front entrance, the perfume rack that probably induced childhood respiratory issues, the sales racks with bell bottom pants and suede jackets, the suit salesman with sideburns longer than his list of why I needed to buy a suit, and the general labyrinth layout where I seemed to get lost every second or third visit. Perhaps the unique dome roof (it looked like The Great Kazoo’s helmet from the Flintstones) at the Shopper’s World Framingham Jordan Marsh location and going up and down the tall escalators provided some novelty, but the blueberry muffins truly reigned. It was truly worth taking the long trek — through all the retail detours in between — to the top floor for this delicious baked good.

What made the blueberry muffins so special? Well, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why but we can start with its one-of-a-kind moist, soft, chock-full-of–whole-blueberries taste, plenty of butter intact, and enough crystals on top to create a world shortage of sugar, it seemed. I loved the way the combination of ingredients gave the muffin an almost purple look!

Many have tried to duplicate the Jordan Marsh taste, and most of the versions, quite frankly, have been awful — that is, until I tried one (OK, two, just had to make sure it was for real) at the Muffin House Cafe in Medway, Mass. With no Clinique saleswomen in lab coats or the need to ride the escalators to the top floor to buy a muffin (the equivalent in distance of going from Boston to Park City, Utah, it seemed), all it took at the Muffin House was five or six steps to the counter to order a muffin (OK, two).

The taste immediately brought back memories of the Jordan Marsh blueberry muffin, and perhaps a step above, with more blueberries in every bite than I can recall at the former New England department store giant.

The Muffin House goes beyond just blueberry muffins with a great variety of baked goods, a solid breakfast and lunch menu and nice dining room touches like a flat screen television, free wireless internet, art work on the walls and a fireplace.

The blueberry muffin, however, seems to be the real draw here. On weekdays and weekends, I have seen lines out the door with most customers ordering a blueberry muffin, based on my keen but nosy observations.

The Muffin House is not kidding when they say,”“Best tasting blueberry muffins since Jordan Marsh.” Somebody in the Muffin House kitchen clearly studied the precious composition of a Jordan Marsh blueberry muffin!

The Muffin House Cafe is located at 116 Main St. (Route 109) #1, Medway MA. Tel. (508-533-6655)

Muffin House, Medway MA
Muffin House, Medway, Mass. (photo by Eric)

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