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Bringing a Taste of the Vermont Country Store to Your Home

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The Vermont Country Store in Weston, Vt., overflows with such classic New England country store charm that it’s always hard saying goodbye at the end of the visit.

Generally regarded as a requisite part of a New England vacation, the Vermont Country Store has been in business since 1946. This rustic, large trip down Memory Lane bills itself as the “Purveyors of the Practical and Hard-to-Find.”

The old-fashioned potbelly stove, homemade fudge, Vermont maple syrup, Vermont cheese, household problem solvers and Vermont-made clothing are just part of the fabric that makes this store so special. The owners, the Ortons, are so nice — they never let its high-profile business go “Hollywood.” This is the real deal when it comes to country stores and the aura of humble local business owners is the anchor that helps make the Vermont Country Store so special.

I don’t know about you, but the best way to prolong a memory of a special place like the Vermont Country Store is by taking photographs, or by purchasing something that inspires warm thoughts about the place — so nice to possess in between visits.

One such way to keep the feeling of the Vermont Country Store in your home: the The Vermont Country Store Cookbook. Inspired by grandmother Ellen Wilcox Orton, the Vermont Country Store Cookbook took several generations to materialize, and focuses on family favorites including farm-to-table creations with “fresh all natural ingredients and traditional methods.”

With more than 120 Orton family homemade recipes, as well as history and wise old Vermont perspectives, the Vermont Country Store Cookbook not only will bring back that special feeling of visiting the Vermont Country Store, but also give your taste buds a special down-home taste of Vermont cooking. The dishes are generally thrifty in price, so you won’t have to break the bank to create delicious food!

The cookbook might have taken several generations, but the content is timeless!

Vermont Country Store (photo by Eric)

Vermont Country Store (photo by Eric)

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