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An Ideal New England Destination for National Lazy Day

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Did you know today, Aug. 10, is National Lazy Day? I don’t know who comes up with these wacky “National Days,” but the person coming up with this one clearly had slacking off in mind for a day.

Where would I go for National Lazy Day? I worked hard to think of the best New England place to be for this “do nothing” day. OK, I didn’t really work that hard. The choice is easy for me: Jordan Pond at Acadia National Park, Maine…

Jordan Pond at Acadia National park, Maine

Just look at those two inviting chairs, open green land, the crystal clear water, and surrounding hills. I could just sit there all day and gaze at this beautiful scenery. If your idea of doing nothing, however, goes beyond just sitting, you can hike the trails or enjoy a kayak or canoe ride here. You can’t swim here, though. If you do, you might find yourself doing something for the day — like paying a fine. If you get hungry, walk on over to the Jordan Pond Restaurant, which is famous for its Jordan Pond popovers. After eating, you can then walk back the short distance to do nothing.

Part of the beauty of the Jordan Pond area is that it is also so quiet — really the perfect place to celebrate National Lazy Day as there are no noise obstructions. How quiet is it? It’s so quiet that librarians couldn’t take it. It’s so quiet that mimes felt uneasy. It’s so quiet that all the church mice left the area. It’s so quiet that visitors told the guy with laryngitis to leave. It’s so quiet that Donald Trump could be heard all the way from Bangor, Maine.

You get the picture. Jordan Pond is scenic and peaceful, and that is why it’s a winner in my mind for National Lazy Day.

Having just written a 256 page book in six months — Massachusetts Town Greens — and traveling all over the state to create the chapters (and with virtually no break since), I am personally ready for a National Lazy Day destination. How about you? Where would you go in New England to celebrate National Lazy Day? You can provide your answers in the comment box below.

For more information on Jordan Pond and Acadia National Park, in general, read our Acadia National Park travel article.

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