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Mystic Pizza Favors Hometown Over Hollywood

Mystic Pizza restaurant photo, Mystic, Conn.
The colorful Mystic Pizza restaurant lights up the nighttime in downtown Mystic Conn. (photo by Eric H.)

The 1988 movie, "Mystic Pizza" brought fame to the Mystic Pizza restaurant in Mystic, Conn., but, thankfully, this famous restaurant never went "Hollywood" and wisely held onto its hometown roots and expert pizza-making. 

The result is a local hangout that you are probably familiar with in your own hometown -- booths, tables, friendly local wait staff, colored lights for ambiance, locals conversing, and late hours. What makes Mystic Pizza a notch above many other hometown restaurants, however, has nothing to do with its notoriety but more with the way they make a pizza. Fresh ingredients -- including tomato, cheese and toppings -- combine to result in a light crust, cheesey Italian-style pizza that is virtually second to none in our pizza-tasting travel experiences. Mystic Pizza is also consistently good -- something that we don't find everywhere as sometimes one wonders if the pizza consumed the last time had any relation to the pizza made before at a given location.

Mystic Pizza also serves  homemade soups, Italian dinners, fresh seafood, sandwiches and appetizers We're confident that they are all fine; it's just when in Rome -- or, rather, Mystic... do as the Mystic people do! 

Some people we've met feel that Mystic Pizza is a tourist trap. We think that Mystic Pizza attracts tourists,  but is not a tourist trap. Sure, they do sell t-shirts and feature movie stills on the restaurant walls but take that away and this restaurant is, ultimately, committed to making a darn good pizza!

Mystic Pizza
56 West Main St.
Mystic CT
Tel. (860) 536-3700


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