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Our mission is to bring you the best New England Travel and vacation guides at discounted prices for your trip planning needs. Our wide variety of books include general and specialty travel guides on Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  We also offer historical books on New England towns and cities, travel maps, Boston sports teams and 2010 calendars, as well as travel and vacation DVDs.


1. Frommer's New England (Frommer's Complete)  The master of travel writing has a knack for covering all the bases in trip planning, and his New England guide is no exception.

2.  Fodor's New England, 28th Edition (Fodor's Gold Guides)Paying close attention to budgets, interests, and tastes, this New England trip guide is like a mini-encyclopedia of New England travel planning.

3. New England (Eyewitness Travel Guides) - Easy-to-read, very well written guide, jam-packed with interesting New England attractions.

4. Backroads of New England: Your Guide To New England's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures - Superb mix of essays and photographs capture the essence of the best in New England travel.

5. Weird New England - Experience some of New England's most offbeat attractions and destinations, as well as history and folklore!

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