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Reader Feedback on West End Museum in Boston

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We just received a great tip from Heather R., in regards to an interesting sounding museum in Boston, Mass., with free admission…

Today I went to the West End Museum in Boston on 150 Staniford Street.  It was completely FREE.  It is dedicated to the neighborhood that used to be called “West End” but was razed in 1960 to make way for Government center and the surrounding area.  A great museum with a great staff.  They even produce a little “West Ender” newspaper that is followed by people who have moved all over the US when the neighborhood was razed.  An upcoming exhibit will feature Leonard Nimoy, one of the most famous residents of this neighborhood.

Thanks, Heather, this is excellent information! If you have any suggestions for free or inexpensive museums in the Boston area — or other cheap things to do in Boston related to travel — please share them in the “Leave a Reply” box below, or through by sending us an email.

For more information on the West End Museum, including hours, call (617) 723-2125. Or log onto its web site at

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