Lobster bisque from DiMillo's On the Water in Portland, ME.

Where can I find an amazing lobster bisque in Maine?

Lobster bisque from DiMillo's On the Water in Portland, ME.
Do you often find lobster bisque void of lobster and too watered down? You are not alone. Most restaurants I have been to totally miss the mark on what makes a great lobster bisque.

So, where to go for a great lobster bisque in New England? DiMillo’s On the Water in Portland, Maine is my top choice. As you can see in the photo, the bisque is chock full of lobster. I have not come across a restaurant, to date, that serves this much lobster in the bisque. Plus, the flavor of the bisque is to die for — perfectly seasoned and not overwhelming to the taste buds.

The great thing about the lobster bisque at DiMillo’s isĀ  the restaurant experience doesn’t end with that bowl. DiMillo’s is located in a converted car ferry at the Portland waterfront…

DiMillo's On the Water is located on a converted car ferry at the Portland, ME waterfront.

The water views are truly memorable, including the patio dining during the warmer weather.

Deck dining at DiMillo's in Portland, ME. Photo credit: Johnny DiMillo.

I recently wrote a detailed feature story on DiMillo’s for the flagship VisitingNewEngland web site. You can read about the lobster bisque and all the other great things about this landmark Portland restaurant at http://www.visitingnewengland.com/dimillos-portland-maine.html

I hope you get to taste DiMillo’s phenomenal lobster bisque!

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