Lobster BLT from Dillon's Local in Plymouth, Mass.
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Lobster BLT: Weird or Brilliant?

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Lobster BLT from Dillon's Local in Plymouth, Mass.
Lobster BLT.

The lobster BLT has been growing in popularity at many New England restaurants over the past several years. Often offered as an alternative to the legendary lobster roll, this combination of lobster meat, bacon and tomato has no middle ground. Either you completely ignore it on the menu or consider it the first choice.

What it comes down to: Is the lobster BLT a weird or simply brilliant creation?

I would go with brilliant but with a caveat. This sandwich has to be created in the right hands, knowing that sourcing and the exact combination of ingredients will make or break this dish.

Last night at Cordage Park in Plymouth, Mass. when out with family, I immediately had my mind made up on ordering the lobster BLT. Dillon’s Local, a high-quality restaurant in Plymouth, Mass., sent its food truck out to Cordage Park that night and featured the lobster BLT on the menu.

Fortunately, Dillon’s Local employs “the right hands,” creating this dish in proper mathematical proportions — that is, jam-packed with tender lobster meat with crisp (not soggy) bacon and enough fresh tomato to lend a tangy element. The lobster meat, bacon and tomato combine wonderfully to achieve mouthwatering status! Additionally, this type of sandwich doesn’t need to use bread from the Poilaine in Paris. Just something simple will do to soak in the flavors of the whole package and hold everything together. Whatever bread Dillon’s uses is perfectly fine for the lobster BLT!

But again to stress, the lobster BLT must be prepared in those right hands. Otherwise, you might experience a version with little lobster meat (and not as flavorful), fast food-type bacon and a tasteless, colorless tomato. Some lobster BLTs personally experienced have been as uninspiring as a Michael Bolton/Rick Astley reunion tour (not sure if there is one but you get the picture).

Fortunately, you’re in luck for a great lobster BLT if in the Plymouth area!

Do you have a favorite lobster BLT from a New England restaurant? Please comment in the box below.

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