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How to Find Maple Sugaring Destinations in New England

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Photo of maple sugaring at Moose Hill in Sharon MA
Learning the maple syrup process at Moose Hill in Sharon, Mass. (photo by Eric)

If winter has you feeling a little sapped, spring time in New England brings a sweet remedy with maple sugaring.

Generally a low-cost event, maple sugaring is a fun activity where we get to see how maple syrup is made and then, better yet, try some out through samples or a purchase! We have identified six excellent resources in regards to how to find maple sugar destinations in new England:

Maple sugarhouses in Connecticut
Maple sugarhouses in Massachusetts
Maple sugarhouses in New Hampshire
Maple syrup producers in Rhode Island
Vermont maple fairs, festivals and events

If you know of a great maple sugaring spot in New England, please leave a comment in the box below. Thanks!

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