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3 Pointers on How to Save Money When Going to a Celtics Game at the TD Garden

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Newsflash: Tickets available for the Boston Celtics- Houston Rockets game today (Sunday, March 3) at the TD Garden!

How to save money when going to a Boston Celtics game at the TD Garden.Let’s face it, going to sporting events doesn’t correlate with a middle class person’s budget. Fortunately. you can still save money on, say, going to a Boston Celtics game at the TD Garden in Boston, with these three pointers (great play on words, eh?)…

Fill up on food before arriving

I know this won’t go over well with the vendors at the TD Garden. Sorry. The food stations do have delicious-looking food, but a comfort food dish and beer going over $20 does not fit into a budget plan. I recently split a pizza with a friend for under $15 at Mike’s at Davis Square in Somerville, Mass., before heading to the game. The pizza was delicious and kept both of us filled before, during and after the game.

If you don’t mind paying for the high quality food and drink at TD Garden, by all means, go for it. If not and budgeting is a priority, find your cheap eats destination in the Boston area before arriving at the game.  Some other recommendations: The Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale and Beantown Pastrami Co. at the Boston Public Market.

Take public transportation

Most parking garages rip people off with outrageous hourly fees. Instead, after Mike’s, we took the “T” from Davis Square to Charles and then walked 15 minutes from there to the TD Garden. The two-way fare came out to $4.50 per person. That’s a fraction of what you’d pay at a parking garage near TD Garden.

Sit farther back in the stands

Yes, you might not get to see every tattoo on Marcus Morris but sitting farther back in the stands will save you money. Unlike the previous Boston Garden with poles blocking many views, there’s really not a bad seat in the house at the TD Garden. I’m not sure how they created the load bearing walls without any pole obstructions, but that gives an advantage to the fan. We sat about as far away from the court as possible, but the view of the game more than sufficed. So did the reduced price of the ticket.

Finally, some of these online ticket sellers charge some ridiculously high ticket prices. Others, fortunately, keep the prices down. Having done some research, I found TickPick, out of New York City, N.Y., to sell many Celtics tickets at fair prices. You can find the TickPick Boston Celtics Ticket Page right here. I’d recommend checking back in often for frequent updates.

Hope this helps. I’ll follow up soon with more money saving ideas on going to a Celtics game, as well as coming up with additional clever lead sentence wordplay!

Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving does a bit of razzle dazzle on the court at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.
Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving does a bit of razzle dazzle on the court at the TD Garden in Boston.
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