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Cheap New England Travel, Here and There…

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The free East Bay Bike Path, Bristol, R.I. (photo by Eric H.)

Spring is the the air (at least today) here in New England and the urge to travel, for many, becomes greater. We can sense that it won’t be too long before barbecues, beaches and baseball become staples of the warmer weather seasons.

Just want to remind you that our New England on a Budget article features many ideas on how to save money on travel in the six-state region. This article on our main site was the motivating factor to eventually start this blog, The Thrifty New England Traveler. We also feature a “Staycation” article on what to do on a shoestring budget, close to home.  We also feature a few budget-busting restaurants on our Dining on a Budget article. When traveling to Boston, be sure to check out the Cheap Boston Travel Ideas article that reveals vacation and travel getaways and attractions for the Boston traveler during tough economic times — including popular and hidden tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, and shops. To expand on the restaurant section, we additionally published a piece entitled Cheap Eats — Your dining Guide to Inexpensive, “Cheap Eats” Restaurants in, Boston, Cambridge and the Rest of Eastern Massachusetts.

Enjoy these legacy articles, as well as the hundreds of New England travel ideas on this blog. At the Thrifty New England Traveler, we’ll be posting several times a month to pass along money-saving ideas for your travel in New England. Please check back in often!

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