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Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich to Die For

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Lobster grilled cheese sandwich from CRISP in Walpole, Massachusetts
Lobster grilled cheese sandwich from CRISP in Walpole, Mass.

Many love Crisp in Walpole, Mass. for serving some of the best South Shore-style bar pizza around but this fabulous take-out place with limited seating also offers other gems like the lobster grilled cheese sandwich.

Created with Maine lobster meat and smoked Gouda and cheddar cheeses on buttery sourdough bread, this sandwich surely ranks at the top of the “mouthwatering” category. Good news, too, that Crisp doesn’t skimp on the lobster meat. It is abundant and succulent.

I almost hesitated to include this sandwich in our Thrifty New England Traveler blog as it comes in at $18.99. When you consider, however, the amount of lobster meat, the overwhelming deliciousness factor and a mound of perfectly-formed onion rings, the lobster grilled cheese sandwich plate provides good value for the money. Plus, this lobster grilled cheese sandwiche tastes better than ones I’ve ordered at coastal restaurants!

OK, one more look at this masterpiece!

Lobster grilled cheese from CRISP in downtown Walpole, MA.

Oh and by the way, CRISP showcases a full spectrum of baked good from the legendary Montillio’s in Quincy, Mass. If you have any room left over from the main meal, desserts like this incredible strawberry shortcake will more than suffice!

Montillio's Strawberry Shortcake at CRISP in Walpole, Mass.

CRISP is located at 1049 Main St., Walpole, MA. Tel. 508-734-6541

Read the behind-the-scenes story on CRISP right here

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