Viewing dock at Memorial Pond in Walpole, MA.

Viewing Dock at Memorial Pond in Walpole, Mass.

Good morning to you on a snowy January day from Memorial Pond on School St. in Downtown Walpole. The dock you see in this photo was recently constructed by Walpole Trails Committee volunteers. What a fantastic idea that adds another layer of big appeal to this scenic pond. Spectacular job to the Trails Committee — thanks for continuously contributing so…

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Joanne Sprague at the Veterans Day Ceremony in Walpole, Mass.

Veterans Day in Walpole, Mass.

It’s always a heartwarming scene to see the support that local citizens give our military veterans on Veterans Day in Walpole, Mass. With attendance ranging from the hundreds to sometimes low thousands depending upon the year, the Veterans Day Ceremony annually shines with patriotic pride at the Town Common. There are always good speeches presented to all generations — from…

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Dramatic Sunset at Willett Pond in Walpole, Mass.

There’s never a shortage of dramatic sunsets at Willett Pond in Walpole, Mass. The reds, yellows, oranges, blues — depending upon the evening and the mix of sun and clouds — never fail to amaze me. I have probably taken hundreds of photos here although that has been somewhat dampened by someone recently placing large rocks in front of the…

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The holiday season in Walpole, Mass.

When Town and Community Come Together in Walpole, Mass.

In late 2022, downtown Walpole, Mass, transformed into a Christmas holiday wonderland through the efforts of community residents and town employees. As part of a seasonal tradition, the town continued to place holiday lights in the town center — most notably the big pine tree on the Town Common. Light up Walpole, a grass roots community organization, brought the overall…

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Rural North Street in Walpole, Massachusetts -- only 18 miles from Boston.

Scenic North Street in Walpole, Mass.

Scenic North Street in Walpole, Mass., goes against the suburban grain. Most of the main roads within 20 miles of Boston consist of densely populated neighborhoods, strip malls and building after building. Not North Street! Turning onto North Street from Route 109 in Westwood and past the beloved Bubbling Brook Ice Cream Stand reveals something that looks more like a…

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